Published: November 2020
Pages: 30
Format: PDF

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Parcels Market in France: Market Insight Report 2020

The reports set out the market structure, size in value and volume terms, growth, key trends, competitive landscape and forecasts for the parcels market in France. It contains the French chapter plus additional information drawn from our report: European Parcels: Market Insight Report 2020


Parcels markets across Europe have continued helped by stronger economic performance across the continent.

The most important factor has been the growth of internet retail. This has acted both as a driver of volumes and also of innovations, such as defined time-slots, the ability to make changes to deliveries, a broader range of communication methods and the establishment of parcel shops and parcel lockers as pick up / drop-off locations.

Internet retail growth looks set to continue for many years – alebeit at a slower rate – creating further opportunities for those carriers able to provide the quality and range of services at the price that retailers require.

In this environment, further industry consolidation has taken place with FedEx integrating TNT Express and other major networks continuing to make add-on acquisitions to fill geographical and service gaps in their European networks

The report builds upon:
– Apex Insight’s published analysis on the European and global parcels markets and in adjacent logistics markets
– Our consulting work in the industry which has included advising on market and strategic issues and the attractiveness of parcel company acquisitions

What does the report cover?

Our definition of the parcels market includes domestic, intra-European and international parcels. It also includes business-to-business, business-to- consumer and consumer consigned parcels. Parcel weight definitions vary, between operators and countries, but most describe parcels up to various weights approaching 40kg. All service levels are included (time definite and deferred). Adjacent services, such as mail, pallet distribution, groupage, freight forwarding, same day courier and contract logistics are excluded.

The report provides historical and forecast market sizes covering the period from 2014-2024.

It segments the market between B2B, B2C and C2X.

Market information is quoted in value and volume terms.

Changes since the previous version

This report has been updated and significantly extended since the previous edition. Significant additions and changes include the following
– We now include estimates of market size measured by volume as well as value
– All company financials, economic statistics and other figures have been updated to include the latest data. In particular, figures relating to subsidiary company revenues have been updated and refined. Where those figures are not available, our estimates of them have been re-evaluated and updated. More detailed financials for country operations have also been included.
– Market driver information has been updated and our market size and growth estimates reviewed and revised accordingly. In particular, our internet retail forecasts have been revised based on new information which, in most cases, suggests slightly lower growth than was the case for our previous forecast.
– Our on-going work on the parcels sector has also allowed us to improve our market estimates by including more accurate revenues and some revenues from additional carriers and identifying, and therefore excluding, other non-parcels activity.


Introduction 2

Market Characteristics and Trends 10

Market Size and Growth 15

Competitive Landscape 20

Parcels Market Forecast 26

Appendix: List of abbreviations 30

There is no summary available for this report.
Please see the summary of our report on the European Parcels Market for relevant information.