Published: June 2014
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About this report

This report focuses on the TV Production market in the Netherlands. It describes the market, quantifies its size and describes key trends.

The report contains historical growth rates and our forecasts for the market which are based on analysis of historical trends and growth drivers.
Key trends and drivers reported on and analysed include levels of TV viewing, impact of the development of new platforms such as IPTV, television industry revenue (advertising spending, licence fee trends, pay-TV subscriptions).
The competitive landscape section identifies the leading producers in the Netherlands, profiles them and comments on trends such as market consolidation and the growth of the super-indies, development of content distribution models, deficit funding and exploitation of new revenue sources such as digital rights.

Who is the report intended for?

TV production companies
Broadcasters and television networks
Consultants and other advisors
Governments and Regulators

What are the sources and methodology?

This report is based on
– In-depth analysis of the macroeconomic and legislative environments and relevant industry drivers
– Analysis of information on the leading TV production groups
– Interviews with senior-level contacts in the TV and TV production industries
– Our own experience of advising both companies and investors in the TV and TV production industries and the wider media sector.

Information from these sources has been synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with extensive use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions.


Market context
The Dutch TV production market is of the order of €620m in size, making it the sixth largest in Europe.
Despite the development of new forms of entertainment such as games and other interactive content on smartphones, tablets and other platforms, TV viewing levels have increased in recent years, in part, due to the many digital channels now targeting viewing niches. Nevertheless, viewing levels in Netherlands are below European average levels.
New revenue models have continued to develop with the proportion of programme funding from the initial broadcaster decreasing as a consequence.
– Exploitation of the potential from international sales of finished content, licensing of formats, digital rights and success-based payments is important to the commercial success of a format.
The funding of the Dutch TV industry is different from elsewhere in Europe with a significantly greater proportion deriving from subscription rather than advertising. This has provided more stable revenue during the economic downturn.

Competitive landscape
Most of the leading international operators are present in the Dutch market, including two – Endemol and Eyeworks – which were founded in the Netherlands, along with several important domestic players and a long tail of around 400 smaller independents.
As in other markets, there is significant production activity carried out in-house by the leading networks, SBS and RTL Nederland, with both having their own in-house production divisions.
– RTL Nederland is part of the same group as FremantleMedia and hence has a close relationship with it. Until recently it also had an ownership connection with another leading Dutch independent, Talpa Media, which was a shareholder in it until 2012
– SBS has its own production division, SBS Productions and, since 2011, has had Talpa Media as a minority shareholder.

The Dutch economy has performed better than elsewhere in Europe with growth forecast to accelerate in 2014.
We expect this to support growth in advertising revenue and hence recovery in production spending. However, the high level of scripted imports and relatively low exposure to an advertising recovery (owing to the importance of subscription funding in Dutch TV) means that growth will be modest.


Introduction - 2
About this report
Executive summary
About Apex Insight
List of charts and tables

Market definition, characteristics and trends - 7
Broadcasters in the Netherlands
Market seasonality and cyclicality
Programme genre trends
Traditional and new sources of revenue
New programme funding models (deficit financing)
Market consolidation and creation of super-indies
Impact of trends on the formats

TV production market in the Netherlands, size and growth - 17
Market size
TV industry revenue and funding

Competitive landscape - 20
Summary of leading super-indies
Value drivers for TV production companies
Leading TV production companies in the Netherlands

Forecasts - 34
Market forecasts
Key market data
Risks to the forecast

Appendix - 38
List of abbreviations

List of figures

Average daily viewing figures / minutes per person
TV Production market size and growth / €m
GDP, Advertising and TV Production revenue / annual % changes
TV industry funding structure / €bn
TV industry funding structure in 2012 - Netherlands vs Europe / %
Advertising spending breakdown by medium
Geographical coverage of leading super-indies
Summary of leading super-indies
Eyeworks revenue / €m
Fremantle revenue / €m
Zodiak revenue / €m
All3Media revenue / €m
GDP, Advertising and TV production forecast annual % changes
TV Production market size and growth forecast / €m
Key market data

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