Published: September 2012
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UK Pallet Networks – About this report

In this market report we review the competitive landscape of the UK pallet distribution market. We review the individual operators looking at how they have performed and any factors, such as strategy or area of focus, might explain differences in performance and what the implications might be for the future.

This review is supported by detailed profiles of all the main operators. The profiles include background information on the companies, historical developments and recent news, analysis of their financial performance and benchmarking against their peers, as well as our views on their prospects.

While many reports on the industry contain data and description, a critical objective for us in writing this report has been to prioritise our insights and conclusions.

What are the objectives of this market report?

Pallet networks have a major area of innovation in the UK logistics industry but, in recent years, growth of the networks has slowed.

We believe that, in order for those involved in the market to make the best decisions in this complex and changing environment, they need to have access to the best information and understanding of the trends and drivers. The aim of this report is to provide this.

It is intended for pallet networks themselves as well as investors, banks, analysts, consultants and other parties with interests in the sector.

What are the sources and methodology?

This market report is based on
– Publicly available data including company annual reports, websites, press releases and government statistics.
– Interviews with senior-level contacts in the market.
– In-depth analysis of the macroeconomic environment and other relevant market drivers.

Information from these sources has been synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with extensive use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions


Market background and overview
Types of suppliers

Overall performance of the leading specialist networks
Revenue trends
Industry profitability
Employment levels

Comparison of performance
Growth rate
Revenue per employee

Value drivers

Profiles of the main specialist networks
The Pallet Network
UK Pallets

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