Project Wing test drone deliveries in Australia

Google owner Alphabet’s Project Wing has announced it has been testing drones that make deliveries to homes around rural south-eastern Australia.

In a blog, James Ryan Burgess, Co-Lead of Project Wing, said that what made the tests currently taking places in Australia different from the “thousands of flights” that the company has already conducted over the past few years is that they are “making deliveries directly to people’s yards”.

Project Wing has been working on the tests with two retailers: Guzman y Gomez, a Mexican food chain; and Chemist Warehouse, a chain of pharmacies.

The customers having their goods delivered to them live on the outskirts of the Australian Capital Territory.

According to Burgess’s Project Wing blog: “Last year at Virginia Tech, our first deliveries with members of the public were in an open field, not to a specific address or location. Now, with each delivery, we encounter a new yard space with its own layout of trees, sheds, fences, and power lines. That means that in addition to learning what people want delivered, we also have to learn how to best deliver items to people.”
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