Purolator greens delivery fleet

Canada Post owned North American parcel delivery company Purolator has introduced two zero emissions vehicle types to its fleet of delivery vehicles.

A number of low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) and e-cargo-bikes are working on urban deliveries and will replace fossil fuel powered delivery vehicles in metropolitan areas.

The LSVs have a top speed of 25mph and can do a full day’s deliveries with just one stop to reload the vehicles. Purolator has managed up to 111 deliveries in a day comprising of 156 pieces in Montreal in one case, replacing a standard sized fossil fuel powered van.

“We’ve been able meet our existing productivity targets early on in our deployment,” comments Roger Alouche, Purolator’s senior director of strategic operations. “These vehicles no longer compete for parking or stop for refueling, so we are expecting to set new productivity and cost standards. Plus, the vehicles’ zero emissions make the cyclists and pedestrians we share the road with especially happy.”