Purolator offers PuroPost Plus

Canadian delivery company Purolator International has introduced a newer, faster service for its PuroPost e-commerce shipping solution. PuroPost Plus offers guaranteed delivery in 2-5 days to any residential address in Canada.

“PuroPost has been a great success for our business, with B2C commerce making up nearly half of our current shipments,” said John Costanzo, President, Purolator International.

“Since we launched PuroPost in 2013, many customers have asked for a ‘rush’ option. We’re proud to now deliver a solution to address that need, offering even faster delivery for consumers in Canada.”

The two Purolator services offer economical international shipping solutions. Packages entering Canada are pre-cleared with taxes and duties paid upfront and are hand delivered through the Canada Post national network.

Companies offering PuroPost Plus can offer the service as a shipping option for retail shoppers who may choose to spend a little more on shipping an item that they need more quickly.

The delivery company has said that its retail customers can also choose to deploy PuroPost Plus when shipments need to be delivered in a timely manner to maintain the service level their end customer expects, for example during peak shipment seasons and during inclement weather.

“The ‘Amazon effect’ and customer expectations of quick delivery has many retailers looking more closely at their shipping strategy. Many customers will find PuroPost and PuroPost Plus a highly-competitive and affordable offering to help them compete in today’s ecommerce market,” said Costanzo.
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