Quadient auto-boxing machine sold to The White Company

UK homewares retailer The White Company is buying in Quadient’s high speed fit-to-size auto-boxing system, the CVP Everest. The machine is capable of making more than 1,100 e-commerce packages an hour. It is to be installed in The White Company’s Northampton fulfilment centre.

Commenting on the decision to invest in high-speed fit-to-size packaging technology, Rob Gascoigne, DC continuous improvement manager at The White Company, said, “To meet the uplift in e-commerce order volumes and to efficiently comply with new health and safety requirements brought on by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to invest in an automated packaging technology that could not only deliver speed, but importantly, would present a sustainable packaging solution for the future. I’m happy to say that we found it in Quadient’s CVP Everest.”

The new machine is the first commercial sale of the Quadient CVP Everest since it was launched in January this year. It measures, constructs, seals and labels every package and ultimately reduces package volumes by 50%, cutting cardboard use by 20% and tackling the need for void-fill. In turn this reduces trailer volumes and ultimately CO2 emissions in the delivery supply chain.