Quadient parcel locker network hits 10,000

Last mile delivery tech company Quadient has announced it now has more than 10,000 parcel lockers installed worldwide.

The expansion of the parcel locker network meets the needs of a variety of academic, private and business customers and supports first-time delivery of parcels for couriers.

“Having surpassed this significant milestone of locker station installations is exciting as it is another step in realising our vision of building a large and dense network of increased usage in each targeted country,” said Geoffrey Godet, chief executive officer at Quadient. 

“I’m proud of our team to have reached this great achievement. The incredible expansion of e-commerce has made the last mile of delivery increasingly challenging for everyone, and our automated parcel locker solutions are a perfect fit for this nascent market, bringing true value for modern consumers and the businesses that serve them.

”As a leading provider, operator and integrator of the most mature and advanced parcel locker solution available, Quadient helps to reduce missed deliveries and consolidate them to a single location point for quick 24/7 self-service pick up.”

Postal operators using the Quadient network include GeoPost and Yamato Transport. Meanwhile the University of Northampton (UK), as well as the universities of Pittsburgh and Florida are academic clients, and retailers including FNAC, Decathlon and Auchon in France use the network too.

Quadient expanded into the US last year with the acquisition of Parcel Pending, a parcel locker company.