Rand McNally extends DriverConnect to last mile fleets

Rand McNally has announced it is expanding its DriverConnect telematics platform from large logistics fleets to local fleets and last mile operations.

“We’ve really been focused on the long-haul market throughout our history,” Ravi Kodavarti, director of product management, told FreightWaves. “But, if you look at the overall supply chain and logistics, it goes across the whole [spectrum].”

DriverConnect is an end-to-end fleet management telematics system paid for on subscription, at a cost dependent on the level of service chosen. For companies that provide the full range of logistics from first- to final-mile, DriverConnect can improve the visibility of a shipment throughout the supply chain. Meanwhile for final-mile-only fleets they are able to choose the functionality that suits their operation.

Kodavarti said, “If we give you this visibility, maybe you can do another job so maybe instead of four jobs, a driver can do five.”

At a local fleet level DriverConnect enables managers to monitor vehicles in close to real time from their desktop or mobile device. The system enables fleets manage fuel spend and safety reporting. In addition, geofences can be put in place so customers are more accurately notified of a delivery time.

Additional features include idle time reporting, speed and excessive accelerations and decelerations, and access to data that can help improve driver training.  

“Today, by expanding our proprietary DriverConnect platform to include local fleets, we can offer end-to-end logistics support all from a single platform,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “From a truck picking up cargo at a port of entry, to movement across the country, to delivery from a distribution center to a store, vehicles and assets can all be monitored and optimized through our DriverConnect system.”


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