Real-time parcel tracking using ParceLive

Developed by TE Connectivity Ltd, Hanhaa and tech solutions providers Avnet, a new tracking product called ParceLive can track parcels in real time for both their location and condition using 4G cellular networks and cloud technology.

“Billions of parcels are transported each year. However, today’s tracking landscape is patchy, unreliable and doesn’t give a holistic view of the conditions of specific shipments, or more broadly of systemic inefficiencies or risks in the global supply value chain,” says Christian Koehler, a product manager at TE Connectivity. “We worked with the ParceLive team to ensure the right antennas and sensors were designed in the right locations within the product.”

The developers stated, “Equipped with seven custom-designed TE Connectivity sensors and antennas for 4G, ParceLive provides live cloud-based dashboards and reports:

– Location, even from within warehouses
– Orientation of the shipment and if it is tilted
– Temperature and humidity levels
– Shock –flagging freefall over .4 seconds

Shipment breaches are triggered by light sensors when a parcel is opened.”

ParceLive had been operating for some time but TE Connectivity has moved in to improve the quality of the antennae on the parcels. Prior to the upgrade, they were expensive, unable to work in real world conditions and could not pass certification. 

The ParceLive system is a battery powered system the size of a smartphone where multiple antennae must function efficiently using minimal power consumption. TE Connectivity’s solution helped to guarantee required performance, reduced costs per unit and improved scalability for mass production.

“To improve efficiency, enhance customer service and protect valuable goods, hundreds of leading companies are now quickly adopting ParceLive tracking. Particularly the automotive, pharmaceutical and luxury goods industries are rapidly welcoming the new technology into their supply chain. There are already a number of use cases that are transforming how the logistic industry works, and improved insight is helping to combat a range of issues from customs delays to counterfeit goods,” said Hanhaa CEO Azhar Hussain.


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