REE Automotive unveils delivery van platform

Electric vehicles manufacturing startup REE Automotive (REE) has unveiled its vision for a range of electric delivery vans and trucks.

REE has a number of operational prototype features for its modular, flexible platform architecture. The company says that it answers the issues faced by delivery companies with the growth of e-commerce.

The main platform is the REEcorner that has drive-by-wire technology for steering, braking and driving. It integrates the drivetrain, powertrain, suspension and steering components into the arch of the wheels. The REEboard platform is entirely flat, allowing customers to put any cape or size of body design on top of it.

Daniel Barel, REE co-founder and CEO, explained, “EVs, particularly e-delivery vehicles, are in huge demand, with growth drivers including global carbon-emission regulatory policies coupled with a boom in e-commerce. Our platform provides the perfect blank canvas for our customers on which to build EVs tailored to their needs, whether it’s a fully autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle, a spacious yet compact urban shuttle or a flexible delivery truck with higher load capability on a smaller footprint.”