Renault introduces 19 tonne EV truck

Production of the 19-tonne Renault D Wide ZE series truck has begun at the Renault factory in Normandy, France.

Renault already has been producing a 16 tonne D ZE and a 26 tonne, D Wide ZE since March 2020. The 19-tonne variant has been built with extra manoeuvrability in mind as well as a two-axle chassis.

According to Renault, this is “ideal vehicle for temperature-controlled distribution transport with optimal payload”. It is powered with two electric motors with a total output of 370kW. It also comes with two battery options, 200kWh and 265kWh.

At the same time Renault has made its refrigerated truck more energy efficient and the 600V traction batteries will now supply the energy for the refrigeration units on the 16, 19 and 26 tonne variants.

These trucks are all suitable for urban deliveries to supermarkets and dark stores, providing a low emission middle-mile delivery option for businesses using them.

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