Renault live tests EZ Flex delivery van

Renault has released an EZ Flex electric last mile delivery van concept for testing on roads around Europe over the next two years. Renault say the concept is “more than a vehicle: it is a real work tool for deliverers.”

The electric vehicle is 3.86 metres long, 1.65 m wide and 1.88 m high, and should fit down even the tighter older European streets. It has a range of 93 miles per charge, and being an EV will be exempt from most pollution and congestion charging schemes.

For its payload, the EZ Flex has three cubic metres of space and a loading height of 760mm, with all of the loading space accessible without excessive reaching. The “highly visible” dash is given a central position, with an interface that’s “fully integrated into the world of smartphones.”

Being a concept the EZ Flex is a developmental platform where users will be generating data from real world testing for the automotive manufacturer over the next two years. The vehicle will then inform design decisions for future electric delivery vans.


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