Renovotec offers Robot as a Service option

Business processes automation providers Renovotec have launched Renovotec Robotics, a division that is to offer warehousing and logistics robotics to buy or use as RaaS (robot as a service).

Renovotec Robotics is to integrate its warehouse process middleware with certain robotics hardware and using a 24/7 field service team is to offer round the clock support for these operations.

The company already has a rugged-hardware-as-a-service (r-HaaS) offering for rugged mobile devices.

Lance Bennett, chief executive of Renovotec Robotics, said: “Warehouse robotics has the power to transform warehouse operations by eliminating unnecessary travel time for pickers and pallet movers – optimising their utilisation at a time when staff costs are rising and resources are becoming more limited.”

RaaS seems to be a logical extension of the more traditional SaaS as clients of Renovotec can buy in a full service without having to have technicians trained to a top level to operate and maintain the robots. In leasing the systems so the clients are tapping into the expertise of the system providers.