Retailers getting tough on serial returners

Barclaycard has published research that suggests one in five retailers have toughened up their returns policy in the last year to try to curb the problem of serial returners. These customers over-order items knowing they will return the majority of them.

A further 19% of retailers plan to tighten up their policies within 12 months.

The background to this is that there has been a massive growth in returns. Some 26% of retailers have seen a significant growth in the volume of goods returned in the last two years.

Eight per cent of consumers had been penalised by retailers for returning too many goods. Among 25-34 year olds the Barclaycard research found this to be 21%. Similar figures were shown for those returning goods that had been used or worn.

At the consumer end the same Barclaycard research found that 29% of shoppers admit to order items they intend to return.


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