RHA: more Brexit clarity please

Trade body the Road Haulage Association (RHA) says that the government is still failing to provide clarity over Brexit after its chief executive Richard Burnett had a meeting with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Burnett said: “Mr Grayling remained optimistic that a deal will be reached – albeit last minute. However, neither I, nor the others present, shared his optimism. There are still far too many unknowns – the only certainty is that a no-deal Brexit have a significant impact the haulage operators that cross to mainland Europe daily.”

And he told Grayling: “You have to get a deal and find a way of us being able to access Europe.”

Speaking after the meeting Burnett said: “Do we feel that today’s meeting has achieved something? No. Are we confident that the issue will be resolved? No. Have we finally received clarity? No.

“We tried to present a pragmatic view as to what will happen. It’s up to Government to whether or not they listen.”