RHA unhappy at hard Brexit customers procedures

Business needs more than simplified customs procedures after Brexit to continue as normal, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) claims.

The government has announced that after the 29th March customs checks are to be employed in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This will apparently allow lorries to drive straight off ferries and Chunnel trains.

The RHA believes that “on face value, this appears to be a positive step, but we reinforce our concerns that the sheer scale of the issue means that there is simply not enough time for businesses to get ready to leave the EU,” said chief executive, Richard Burnett.

“This is just one part of the Brexit jigsaw. The French have still not defined their export process. How on earth can businesses make the necessary arrangements and plan for the future when then are still in the dark as to how the processes on both sides of the Channel will work?

“Despite our constant and incessant calls for clarity, none has been forthcoming and through no fault of its own the haulage and logistics industry is still not ready for a no-deal, no transition Brexit in less than seven weeks time,” he said.


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