RHA will hold UK Government’s ‘feet to the fire’ over NI/RoI negotiations

The trade body the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has said it will hold the current government’s “feet to the fire” in the Brexit negotiations over how the Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland border will be handled.

In a statement, the RHA said it “has reservations after the government has said it does not want any border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in its new position paper on Brexit – it suggests a ‘new customs partnership’ or a ‘highly streamlined customs arrangement’.”

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “Any sort of hard border between the north and the south would be an absolute disaster so we welcome today’s announcement.

The RHA chief executive continued, “However, it lacks detail and is vague on how the partnership/arrangement will work so we are awaiting more detail.  We will certainly hold the government’s feet to the fire in future negotiations with the EU over this important principle now they are on the record with this aim.”

The issue of borders on the island of Ireland has been some of the fieriest in the current Brexit negotiations, where the Republic’s special relationship with the UK comes under scrutiny as we leave the European Union. Trade barriers and customs between the EU and UK are something that the ideologues behind Brexit are keen to erect yet no sane business person could possibly want given the costs and delays that will impact trade into and out of what is after all, a trading island nation.

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