Rhenus takes delivery of Daimler EV trucks

Pan European delivery firm Rhenus Home Delivery have acquired a fleet of Daimler electric trucks for its Brandenburg and Berlin depots.

“The special thing about these trucks is that they are completely electric and therefore particularly eco-friendly,” said Ronny Sassen, managing director of Rhenus Home Delivery. “The Rhenus Group is one of only four European companies that are being allowed to test the new vehicles from the Daimler Group for a period of two years.

“We’re hugely excited to be part of this venture and are looking forward to putting the trucks to the test.”

While Daimler cautiously does real world testing of its vehicles that have a maximum range of only 120 or so miles, other players such as Tesla and Arrival are going in a lot more strongly. The Tesla vehicle has more than double the range of the vehicles that Rhenus Home Delivery are taking on and is likely to be a lot more established by the time that Daimler have got round to competing with them…


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