Rico Logistics employs Flexi Narrow Aisle ‘cobotics’

To optimise capacity in its Birmingham warehouse, Rico Logistics is using ‘cobotic’ technology from Flexi Narrow Aisle.

As a result of the new systems, the warehouse now has a capacity of 11,000 pallet locations, with a 14 metre high top rack beam underneath the apex of the warehouse roof.

Flexi Narrow Aisle’s Warehouse Systems Division redesigned the internal layout of the Rico Logistics warehouse around a high bay racking system and using five Flexi ACiON 1500 VNA forklifts with 14 metre lift heights.

John Maguire, MD at Flexi Narrow Aisle, said: “The Flexi ACiON’s advanced suite of ‘cobotic’ technology is, in effect, connected to the truck’s nervous system and it allows features such as the operator’s vision camera, height selection system and aisle sensing technology, to be integrated without the need for hard-wired relays, contractors and so on.

“This means that far less components are required and, as a result, truck uptime is optimised.”

As to the ‘cobotic’ system, this is a set of driver aids that include sensors that sound an alarm when coming close to an object, warning those nearby of its approach. This is very useful when manoeuvring at rack aisle end.

Should the forklift make contact with an object it cannot be operated again until a line manager resets it, ensuring all incidents are reported.

“Some of the most serious incidents of rack collapse within warehouses occur because truck operators fail to report collisions and the damage caused goes unnoticed until it is too late. The Flexi ACiON’s ‘in-aisle impact sensor’ system and cut-out feature mean that at Rico there is absolutely no chance of aisle impact being overlooked,” Maguire added.