Rite-Hite launches ventilation management system

Leading industrial health and safety equipment company Rite-Hite has launched a new wireless fan control system to improve working conditions in warehouse and logistics environments.

Rite-Hite’s Fan Commander 2.0 is a touch screen control box from which operators remotely control fan settings via wi-fi. It can control up to 24 Rite-Hite high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans that are located up to 120 metres apart.

As well as being able to fully control the HVLS systems the system can be integrated within a building management system (BMS) and can run diagnostics with other building functions to improve energy savings and achieving greater employee comfort.

Thorsten Mauritz, Marketing Manager (Europe) at Rite-Hite, says Fan Commander 2.0 is a great energy saving product: “The Fan Commander 2.0 puts facilities managers in total control of their fans,” he explains.

“In the winter months, the fans only operate when needed, reducing energy consumption and reducing costs. In the summer, when fans are in greater demand, they can be programmed to deliver the optimum performance, taking into account different working patterns and the busiest times of the day.”

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