Roadrunner and Sameday to cooperate

Two less than truckload (LTL) companies, Roadrunner Transportation Systems in the US and Sameday Worldwide in Ontario, have announced that they are to cooperate together using each others’ national networks for mutual gain.

Sameday Worldwide has a network of 32 terminals and deals with LTL shipments in Canada. It will handle all Roadrunner LTL shipments in eastern Canada as part of the deal. In return Roadrunner will handle all Sameday Worldwide shipments that go into or out of the US.

“We are excited to be working with Sameday Worldwide, one of the top-three asset-based carriers in Canada,” said Grant Crawford, President of Roadrunner LTL.

“Our new relationship will strengthen the capabilities of both organizations as it expands Roadrunner’s coverage of eastern Canada and will increase our efficiency in cross-border shipments. It also provides Sameday Worldwide with a leading carrier in the United States. Customers can benefit from the expanded capabilities and service offerings of both companies.”

Sameday Worldwide is part of The Day & Ross Transportation Group, which is owned by McCain Foods.

As with the EU, cross border cooperation between US and Canadian companies is seen as good business. One of the largest borders between two countries in the world, there are a lot of avenues for work between logistics and delivery companies that operate in the two countries, and this move avoids issues with trade regulation that protects each country’s drivers.