Robot deliveries in Chinese universities by

Chinese online retail giant has launched a robot delivery service in universities across greater China according to local reports. launched the new service On Sunday, 18th June. It was timed to coincide with the retailer’s biggest annual shopping festival.

The China Money Network has published a report that says that the robots were in action at Tsinghua University, People’s University, Zhejiang University and Chang’an University.

Apex Insight has reported on’s push toward ever greater automation in its delivery network. The online retail giant is reported to be ready to deploy drone delivery systems in rural areas that might be able to carry loads of up to half a metric tonne in payload. This will significantly open up the rural market in China which has often been bypassed by technological progress. is also reportedly planning to incorporate face recognition technology in its delivery robots, so customers can scan their face to unlock and take their parcels from the robot.

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