Route4 – fuel costs biggest worry in logistics

Temporary driver supply company Route4 Solutions have published a survey suggesting that hauliers and logistics operators believe that rising fuel costs are set to be the biggest issue of 2018.

Route4 found that rising fuel costs is going to be the biggest factor affecting haulage firms in the East Midlands. 31% of their respondents said that this is their main issue. The survey also suggested that most respondents blamed the oil price as being the main reason behind the wholesale price increases.

Commenting on the poll, Route4 Solutions Managing Director, Mike Harris said “It is always good to hear the thoughts of transport managers here in the East Midlands. With the rising cost of oil, it is hardly surprising to see that rising fuel costs is considered to be the biggest issue that will impact on hauliers and logistics operators. This issue may force businesses to start to think about how alternative fuels and electric vehicles may be able to ease the pain of a costly fuel bill. Switching to alternative fuels might just be the way to achieve a competitive advantage, since the price of oil isn’t predicted to depreciate any time soon.”

Price inflation is set to affect everyone in the face of the uncertainty around Brexit leaving the UK in stagnation while other nations forge ahead with fast growing economies and necessarily driving oil prices up due to demand. This might not have been the case if people had made another decision in 2017…