Royal Gibraltar Post Office and Monarch Airlines work together to improve efficiency

Faced with routine backlogs of mail leaving the British territory of Gibraltar, the Royal Gibraltar Post Office (RGPO) has entered into an agreement with Monarch Airlines to deliver mail to the British mainland.

Traditionally, post and packages have been sent by British Airways to the UK mainland but it was found that not all the mail could be sent on the busiest delivery day of the week – Monday. Post had to be left at Gibraltar Airport to be sent on a Tuesday flight. The RGPO asked Monarch Airlines to step in to help clear the backlog on a trial basis and this has proved successful. An indefinite agreement has been signed between the two organisations to ensure the efficiency of post and air cargo through the mail system.

Though nearly 1000 miles from the UK mainland, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar (HMGoG) wishes mail services to be of the same quality as the mainland UK service despite the ongoing diplomatic pressure from Spain to take the territory back.

Neil Costa, HMGoG’s Minister for Business and Employment said, “With the establishment of a closer working relationship with Monarch Airlines, we have been able to introduce this service to significantly improve what is already offered.”