Royal Mail adds bio-CNG HGVs to fleet

Royal Mail is adding 29 bio-compressed natural gas (bio-CNG) HGVs to its fleet, to be based at its Warrington, Preston and Chorley sites.

The 40 tonne HGVs can be used on most major roads and motorways and have a range of 400 miles per tank. One of the drivers of this move is Royal Mail banking on a network of bio-CNG fuelling pumps to be brought into operation around the region.

Bio-CNG HGVs were originally trialled by Royal Mail in 2017, leading to it buying two. It is estimated that the two vehicles save 107 tonnes of CO2E annually, or roughly 84% per truck over diesel. In addition they reduce particulate matter pollution by 99%.

James Baker, chief engineer and fleet director at Royal Mail, commented, “We are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact. Bio-CNG is a significantly more cost-effective and lower-carbon alternative fuel to diesel for heavy goods vehicles. These vehicles enable us to deliver large payloads of parcels in the most environmentally friendly way possible.”