Royal Mail – businesses unprepared for Black Friday

Royal Mail surveyed 250 small businesses, and found that they have not learned lessons after the 2014 Black Friday shopping bonanza, and may be overwhelmed in what is promising to be the best Black Friday yet.

A relatively new shopping phenomenon in the UK, Black Friday is catching on as an important online shopping day in the country. Last year, customers spent GBP £810 million online on Black Friday and this could significantly increase this year as more companies see the benefit of improved revenues.

The main lessons learned across the industry after the Black Friday rush were:

– coping with increased website traffic
– managing stock
– delivering stock on time
– distributing orders from warehouse.

Where many firms (39%) are preparing for increased website traffic and increasing staffing levels for the rush (40%), nearly 66% haven’t prepared for the delivery of that stock to customers. This could impact businesses in terms of repeat custom and customer relations as the goods haven’t arrived on time. Up to 3.1 million businesses could fail to deliver their goods on time as a result.

A business trades or fails on customer relations and this could be the make or break day for many of them.