Royal Mail CEO calls on posties to pick up the slack

Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson has written to postal delivery staff asking them to clear their offices of all mail every day if deliveries fall behind.

As part of their work, postal delivery staff will carry out additional deliveries if their workload is lower or if one of their team is off sick. Thompson has written to them about certain delivery offices falling behind – he is saying that where the delivery office as a whole falls behind the delivery staff need to pick up the slack.

In a letter seen by a UK national newspaper, Thompson wrote, “This year I have one request. At the end of every day let’s make sure every office is cleared, not just individual frames.” Each postal worker has a frame to deliver for, and multiple frames are in each delivery office.

Thompson has written the letter after OfCom regulations on speed of delivery of First and Second Class mail, relaxed during the pandemic, were reinstated in the last week. The CEO has pointed to a small number of delivery offices that have particularly poor records on the matter. In August, 25 of the 1,200 delivery offices were responsible for 25% of all mail delays nationwide.

“We must find a way to equalise performance so every office can play an equal part in our success,” he added.

The CEO has signalled that he is to take on fewer temporary staff to cover the peak season this year. Royal Mail didn’t benefit from an uptick in revenues from the pandemic, and this caused share prices to fall. The postal operator has signalled however that revenues and profits are set to be up significantly in the coming half year trading statement as the pandemic health and safety restrictions have been eased.

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