Royal Mail Delivery Matters…

A new study commissioned by Royal Mail suggests that Amazon and eBay are still the top UK marketplaces. The research showed that a simple delivery and returns experience is a major selling point for UK online shoppers.

The survey by Royal Mail found 80% of marketplace shoppers will buy monthly from Amazon. 17% shop weekly there. 76% of marketplace shoppers will buy from eBay every month. 16% do this on a weekly basis.

The survey is part of the annual Royal Mail Delivery Matters report. It also found that 32% of items bought from online marketplaces are clothes, making these items the biggest grouping of things bought online. Books came in second at 31%.

Consumers are choosing to buy on marketplaces due to low prices and deals (76%) and the range of products available (70%). They pick marketplaces over online retailers because they can find better deals (60%), purchase items they can’t find elsewhere (51%) and there’s more variety of the item they’re looking for (38%).

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said “The rise of online marketplaces is impacting the way consumers shop online and how retailers sell to their customers. Shoppers increasingly expect the same experience when purchasing on a marketplace to when buying goods from an online retailer. Businesses that are selling via marketplaces need to ensure they are offering the best customer service possible, with a positive delivery and returns experience at the centre of this.”