Royal Mail diversifies into 3rd party fleet servicing

Royal Mail has said that its initiative to offer its fleet servicing to other businesses has made a very good start and has proved a useful additional revenue stream.

The postal operator has been offering its previously internal fleet servicing services to other major companies including British Gas and the RAC. Royal Mail posted a blog on the website this morning saying that it is winning business from a number of major well known businesses with fleets across the UK.

Royal Mail has said that it is happy that the fleet maintenance offering can “grow and provide additional income to the business”.

In addition the blog said: “Other business can bring their vehicles to us for servicing, including RAC, with whom we have signed a contract to maintain and service their fleet of breakdown vehicles.

“Together with the CWU we have announced the expansion of commercialisation across our workshop operation. This follows the successful pilots carried out throughout 2016 at 20 workshops and the introduction of Fleet Autocare for colleagues, friends and family at the end of last year.

“This week, our fleet maintenance team has reached the milestone of servicing 1,500 British Gas vehicles and we are fast approaching 1,200 Autocare visits. We’re currently building our offer in this area and continuing to tender for contracts.”

In the face of change a company must diversify or die. This surprising yet potentially lucrative business idea seems to be taking off for Royal Mail and may well significantly offset falling mail volumes and the likelihood of Amazon taking its entire parcel delivery operations in-house…

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