Royal Mail installs 21st parcel sorting machine

Royal Mail is installing its 21st high speed parcel sorting machine, this time in the North Weds Midlands Wolverhampton Mail Centre.

The parcel sorting machine (PSM) is an intelligent system of conveyors and scanning technology that automatically sorts parcels for despatch to mail centres around the UK. It will have the capacity to sort 7,000 parcels per hour.

The Solstice PSM comes as part of a significant investment programme in the strategic move from being a mail carrier to a parcel carrier that also delivers mail. More PSMs are set to be installed later this year.

Parcel sorting technology is now operational in 16 mail centres in Bristol, Swindon, Home Counties North (Hemel Hempstead), Chelmsford, Greenford, Warrington, South Midlands (Northampton), Jubilee (Heathrow), Gatwick, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Peterborough and Preston.

Mark Lawrenson, Royal Mail Service Delivery Director, said: “The roll out of this new technology is transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels which are growing in popularity. Our business is accelerating, and this further investment will allow us to seize the market opportunity and continue to deliver great service for our customers. We are changing and it’s working.”

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