Royal Mail installs automatic parcel sortation in Bristol

Royal Mail has upgraded the Bristol Mail centre with automated parcel sortation machinery.

The new equipment replaces manual sorting that can be time consuming and physically demanding. It can be inaccurate too, so there is often two manual sorting phases.

According to Royal Mail, currently only 12% of its parcels are machine sorted. There are plans to get this up to 80% within five years. This would almost compare equally to letter sortation, of which 90% of the process is fully automated.

“The roll out of this new technology is transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels which are continuing to grow in volumes,” said Simon Barker, National Operations Director, Royal Mail. “The technology will help us to speed up the passage of parcels to local mail centres. We have worked closely with our unions throughout this programme, and colleagues who work on the machine have said they prefer the quality of work compared to manual sorting.”

The Parcel Sorting Machine (PSM) is an intelligent system of conveyor belts and scanning technology that automatically sorts parcels for despatch to mail centres across the country.


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