Royal Mail launches Southampton parcel sorting machine

Royal Mail has installed a new fully automated parcel sorting machine at its Southampton Mail Centre in Eastleigh, Hants. The company now claims that 50% of the parcels it handles are now sorted fully automatically.

The new sorting machine can handle up to 157,000 parcels daily at a rate of around 7,500 an hour through a system of scanners and conveyors. The machine has been built by Solystic and can handle parcels of up to 20kg in weight.

In March 2022, Royal Mail reached the milestone of sorting 50% of its parcels with sorting machines, up from 33% in 2021. By 2023-24 it aims at 90%. By October this year, 39 such machines will be in operation around the UK. According to the company, automation is up to four times quicker than manual sorting.

Sarah Coulson, Parcels Automation Programme Director, Royal Mail, said: “We are transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels given the rapid growth in online shopping in recent years. Our investment in state-of the-art parcel sorting machines will help us better meet the growing demands of our customers in Southampton and the rest of the UK and is a vital part of the ongoing reinvention of Royal Mail.”

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