Royal Mail online parcel delivery confirmation + PDA roll out

Two pieces of Royal Mail news – firstly that it has completed the roll out of its PDAs across the network, and secondly that online delivery confirmation is available to customers sending parcels at all Post Office branches in the UK.

To begin with the postal operator has said that its delivery personnel all have PDAs. 68,000 are in use out of more than 1,900 collections, delivery and processing sites.

Royal Mail trialled the PDAs at the Docklands delivery office in 2016.

In a notice published on the myroyalmail website, Raj Tailor, project manager for PDA transformation, said, “Our biggest challenge was the sheer scale and pace of the rollout. With the help of colleagues, we’ve been able to achieve it successfully.

“Looking ahead, we’re working to enhance the devices so we can improve the services we offer in the parcels market even further.”

Online delivery confirmation

In other Royal Mail news it also announced that, from this Monday passed, it has been making online delivery confirmation available to customers purchasing parcels at all Post Office branches across the UK.

In an article posted on its myroyalmail website, Royal Mail said that is the service becomes UK-wide.

The myroyalmail notice added: “As well as providing tracking on our Royal Mail Tracked and Special Delivery Guaranteed, we’re now giving customers’ visibility of delivery confirmation on standard First and Second Class parcels.

“We’ve already rolled-out this service to our account customers. But from today (27 March) we are introducing online delivery confirmation for all Post Office parcels with Horizon labels.”  
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