Royal Mail – online shopping spike set to continue

Research published by Royal Mail shows some anticipated long term positive changes in UK online shopping habits.

Eight in ten surveyed in Royal Mail’s latest research expect that the amount of their online shopping is set to remain the same or increase in the coming years. Another big change brought about by the pandemic is working from home – a quarter of those surveyed expect this to increase in the coming years.

A ‘Top 20’ of items bought online included fashion (#1), food and drink, and books. Gardening – gloves, sloggers and compost were on the same list. Makeup, moisturiser and razors were on the list too. Paper and stationery, printers and laptops were the top 20. Home improvement figured heavily on the list too.

Looking to the future, it seems hot food delivery has taken a boost too, with more takeaways set to be ordered in the future (19%), with groceries and books set to continue or grow in volumes too (also 19% of those surveyed).

Mark Street, Head of Campaigns at Royal Mail commented: “Keeping the nation connected is of vital importance to us, and our people have done an amazing job in helping to lift people’s spirit in these unprecedented times. This all comes on top of the important role we have played in delivering items, including hospital prescriptions and COVID-19 testing kits. Receiving an online delivery from one of our postmen or women continues to be a highlight of the day for many of our customers, and we believe that this will continue far beyond the boundaries of lockdown.”