Royal Mail ranked #1 climate friendly UK carrier

Consumer finance website has published a report on sustainability in deliveries, ranking Royal Mail as #1.

The report, Dirty Deliveries 2021, looked at six key factors to assess just how environmentally sustainable delivery companies’ operations were. Royal Mail cored 43.5/60 thanks to its 90,000 postmen and women performing final yard delivery on foot and adding 3,000 electric vans to its fleet.

The report also showed that 34% of UK online customers consider carbon offsetting an essential part of their final purchasing decision. This ranked equal to free delivery. Nearly 40% said they would choose an online retailer that offers an eco-friendly delivery option.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, said: “With more UK shoppers considering the environmental impact of their online delivery purchases than last year, it is clear that consumers are stepping up to the challenge of making their online shopping habits more eco-friendly.

“Our research shows that more than a third of UK shoppers now consider being able to offset their carbon equally as important to them, as obtaining free delivery, when shopping online. And while we do still undoubtedly live in a society accustomed to almost instant delivery, these figures suggest that many of us are now beginning to consider how our day-to-day lives have a wider impact on the environment.

“Over the past 12 months, the delivery companies analysed in our research have implemented significant changes in order to become more environmentally conscious,” he said.

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