Royal Mail re-states its commitment during pandemic

Royal Mail has re-stated its commitment to mail and parcel delivery during the pandemic.

Shane O’Riordain, managing director of regulation and corporate affairs at Royal Mail, says it is collecting, processing and delivering as much mail and as many parcels as possible.

He said, “The mail is still scheduled to be collected and delivered as normal. This is a fast-moving situation and local service levels may at times be impacted by local absences. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to deliver the most comprehensive service we can to all our customers in these difficult times.”

The postal operator offers three pieces of advice to simplify sending and receiving parcels:

Those sending and receiving parcels are to download the Royal Mail app. Those who ship regularly can print a label and drop parcels off at parcel postboxes, though this can be done at a customer service point where the label will be printed.

Royal Mail handheld devices are no longer to be handed over to customers for a signature.

In addition, social distancing measures are being introduced for staff. For example, only one person is allowed in a delivery vehicle at any one time.

Good hygiene is being promoted. “We have taken a number of measures and provided preventative guidance to our colleagues,” O’Riordain said. “This includes promoting regular hand washing with soap and water. We have good supplies of soap and paper towels. We are also providing disposable latex gloves, available on request. We are keeping colleagues informed through notices and internal TV updates.”