Royal Mail reduces many international postal charges

Royal Mail has announced a restructure of many of its charges to business customers. Effective this week, the postal operator has reduced many of its international delivery service charges for businesses. In this article we will take a look at the highlights.

For international tracking and signature services, the postal operator is reducing its prices. This is by as much as 10% with regard deliveries to France, Canada and Poland.

At the same time, Royal Mail has removed the temporary air carrier supplements that were introduced due to the reduction in air cargo capacity at the height of the pandemic. They will account for air costs in their business contract prices. However, for flights to Israel, Russia, China and Iceland, the postal operator cannot accurately predict costs so will retain this surcharge.

A final price reduction applies to its international surcharge for currency value fluctuations. Currency markets were volatile during the height of the pandemic which is why this was introduced at 6.5%. This is now being reduced to 4% as markets settle.

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