Royal Mail reports abysmal Quality of Service results

Delivering just 76.8% of its First Class mail the next working day, Royal Mail’s third quarter Quality of Service lends proof to the media’s reporting of its poor service over Christmas.

Some 92.5% of Royal Mail’s First Class mail made it within two days – still below the target for its next day delivery. Additionally, Second Class mail made it 93.8% within three working days.

The postal operator blamed a combination of covid – which led to 15,000 staff off sick or isolating at different times – coming in the season of peak demand. In some local offices, Royal Mail claims, up to a third of its staff were off at any one time.

Apologising for its poor service, the postal operator said that it invested more than £340 million in overtime, additional temporary staff as well as sick pay. It also claims that it has seen things steadily improve in recent weeks. That may be borne out in the next quarterly report.

Ricky McAulay, Operations Development Director, Royal Mail said: “It has been a challenging period and I would like to apologise to any of our customers who have experienced delays in their local areas recently. Improving service levels is our number one priority and having invested over £340 million on overtime, additional temporary staff, sick pay and targeted support for the offices most impacted, I’m pleased to say the situation is improving. I would like to thank our customers for their patience and of course our postmen and women for their continued hard work and dedication.”

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