Royal Mail strikes beaten back by High Court

The Communication Workers Union has failed in its High Court bid to overturn the ‘unlawful strike’ decision that stopped threatened industrial action against Royal Mail by the union.

The High Court ruled that the postal ballot of Royal Mail staff for industrial action was unlawful, granting an interim injunction. A lawful ballot voting in favour of industrial action, followed by formal notification to Royal Mail must now take place for strikes to begin.

Royal Mail naturally responded positively. Shane O’Riordain, Managing Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs, said: “Royal Mail is pleased that the Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court’s decision to grant an interim injunction against CWU meaning that no industrial action can be taken before the completion of a lawful ballot. This decision still stands.

“We did not take the decision to go to the High Court lightly. We sought to reach resolution outside the courts. It is vital that our colleagues are able to vote without any constraint imposed upon them by any other party.”

O’Riordan concluded, “We want to reach agreement. As previously announced, we have written to CWU to say we want to enter into discussions without preconditions. Following this offer, we are hopeful that we can now follow on with meaningful discussions with the union to resolve this dispute.”

The CWU tweeted about the decision: “We have just left the High Court. Our appeal was dismissed. 6 hours of evidence and they took 2 minutes to come to a decision. The justice system in this country is an absolute farce. Stand by your postal worker #WeRiseAgain”


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