Royal Mail takes snapshot of Irish online shoppers

New research from Royal Mail suggests that 48% of Ireland’s online shoppers make purchases by smartphone, as against 33% in the UK.

Mobile data is cheaper on the Emerald Isle than almost anywhere else in Europe. According to Royal Mail, ‘mobile optimisation’ is an important factor for UK retailers looking to attract Irish online customers.

The Royal Mail research drew on the responses of over 1500 online shoppers in Ireland. It also found that delivery satisfaction is a key driver of online purchases. 94% indicated they would be repeat customers if happy with delivery compared to 91% internationally.

“Clear, upfront delivery information is key to satisfying online shoppers in Ireland,” said Royal Mail “If retailers get it right, they set themselves up for repeat business.”

The average spend every month is €85 a month, with more than half of that spent on clothes. 45% buy clothes in the UK.

Eight in ten (81%) shoppers in Ireland purchased from a UK website in a three month period. The average shopper in Ireland purchasing from a UK website spends £51 (€58) a month and buys from UK brands at least once a month. The factors driving Ireland’s online shoppers to buy from UK websites include price (45%), availability (42%) and quality (16%). Almost half (49%) are likely to choose a UK online retailer while they shop generally, compared to 34% who seek out a specific website.

Almost eight out of ten (78%) of Irish online shoppers use marketplaces, compared to 69% in the UK. Significantly, 79% of Irish online shoppers said they are heavily influenced by marketplace delivery ratings and take these into account when making purchases. According to Royal Mail: “This is a lot higher than the UK (54%) and international average (76%).”

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: “Ireland is an ideal first-step export market for UK businesses looking to dip their toes into overseas markets. They are in the same time zone, speak English, have a strong transport infrastructure and consumers have a positive perception of British quality.”