Royal Mail tests fuel cell van

Royal Mail is trialling a dual-fuel hydrogen/diesel delivery van to assess how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could operate within its network. The results will inform the postal operator’s strategy on zero emissions vehicles.

The 3.5 tonne vehicle will have a range of up to 120 miles in dual-fuel mode and will be refuelled with hydrogen near Royal Mail’s depot Alten, Aberdeen. The trial is scheduled to last 12 months.

The postal operator trialled fuel cell vehicles in 2010. The technology was too early for it to be used in logistics at the time. Now, 10 years later Royal Mail is looking to see how more modern vehicles can operate within its fleet, particularly on longer routes and for larger vehicles.

James Baker, chief engineer and fleet director at Royal Mail, remarked, “As a company, we are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact. Hydrogen is viewed by many as a vital source of future sustainable energy; so, as such, it is a perfect addition to our program of initiatives that enable us to assess ways of achieving this, while allowing us to continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.”