Royal Mail: the UK loves to sell used goods on marketplaces

A Royal Mail survey of 3,000 UK adults shows that two thirds of them sell on their used goods online, sending and receiving an average of seven parcels a month. A quarter of those surveyed claimed that selling online is their main source of income.

In a statement issued, Royal Mail said that: ‘The love for small business is real, with 47% saying they support side hustlers and independent businesses more than any other online retailer.’

Among the most traded items, clothes, books and electronics were the most popular products shoppers and sellers are trading.

Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer for Royal Mail Parcel Collect, which carried out the study to celebrate surpassing six million items being collected since its launch in 2020, said: “It’s wonderful to see the nation’s entrepreneurship blossom and grow.

“We are delighted to play a pivotal role in making that possible, supporting the nation’s small businesses and side hustlers to distribute their precious cargo up and down the country, safely and reliably, from doorstep to doorstep.

“We are proud to be an enabler of everyday people, looking to pursue their dreams amid the cost-of-living crisis. We aspire to make our services as convenient as possible so everyone can manage their business from home, removing the need to trek heavy parcels to the local drop off point whenever they make a deserved sale.”

The four biggest marketplaces for selling goods are eBay, Facebook and Etsy, with Vinted being used by one in five of those surveyed.

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