Royal Mail to attempt to stop strike with legal action

Royal Mail is to lodge an application for an injunction against strike action in the High Court in an attempt to prevent industrial action voted for by its Communication Workers Union (CWU) employees.

Earlier today the management of Royal Mail had written to the CWU demanding that the union withdraw notification of industrial action by midday and to instead follow a dispute resolution process.

In a statement, Royal Mail said: “CWU has declined to withdraw its notification. As a result, Royal Mail will today lodge an application with the High Court for an injunction to prevent industrial action so that the contractual external mediation process can be followed. A date for a hearing will be arranged with the High Court.”

Royal Mail restated its argument that “any strike action before the dispute resolution procedures have been followed would be unlawful strike action”.

As previously reported by Apex Insight, the proposed timing of the strike action, over a poor pensions package for the frontline staff, as well as other pay and conditions disputes, has rather enlivened Royal Mail management. The coming peak season is important for the postal operator in the face of declining mail volumes and jitters among its customers could impact the company’s bottom line. The CWU has a team of lawyers and will have made its own judgement as to the potential outcome of the High Court hearing and it remains to be seen whether the attempts by Royal Mail to use legal action to thwart strike action will have any effect at all.  
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