Royal Mail to sack 700 management staff

Trades Unions have responded angrily to Royal Mail’s plans to sack 700 management staff.

Royal Mail has said that the plans to sack managers are designed to “streamline operational management to improve focus on performance at a local level”. In addition the mail and parcels operation says that the cuts will be made “through natural turnover, redeployment and voluntary redundancy, wherever possible”.

The 700 management roles going are from 8,000 in the workforce that totals 140,000 nationwide.

Unite is the main union for managers at Royal Mail and says that it will fight the cuts. It says that 900 managers in the delivery division are set to go. Royal Mail agreed on the figure but stated that around 200 will be redeployed.

Unite’s general secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “Coming on top of a record turnaround in the company’s fortunes, which resulted in the board handing over a £400m giveaway to certain shareholders, this is cold comfort for those long months when postal employees were being badly hit by coronavirus at its worst.

“Unite will be giving maximum support to our members in fighting these unjust job cuts and this includes the possibility of an industrial action ballot. Now is the time for the top executives to reconsider their proposals.”

After a one-off charge of £70 million for the redundancy measures, the cuts will result in a £40 million a year annual saving. The cuts are made even as shortages in workforce led to Royal Mail wildly missing delivery targets for its mail and parcels across the country, and the argument is effectively being made that by cutting workers it will improve its service.

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