Royal Mail trials mini-EV vans

Small electric delivery vans – roughly the size of a golf cart – are being trialled by Royal Mail in residential areas of five towns and cities across the UK.

The vans are designed to help its postal delivery workers deliver mail and smaller parcels. Thanks to their size they will help tackle congestion as well as pollutions with their zero tailpipe emissions. Over six months the EV vans will be tested in Edinburgh, Crewe, Liverpool, Swindon and London.

Simon Thompson, chief executive officer at Royal Mail, said: “It’s really exciting to see these micro electric vehicles making their way into our daily deliveries.

“We’re committed to keep on reducing our environmental impact and we intend to leave no stone unturned in trialling new technologies and new ways of delivering to help us do that.

“As our fantastic posties make most deliveries on foot, this already means we have the lowest reported CO2e per parcel of major UK delivery companies.

“From drones to electric vehicles, fuel-efficient tyres to bio-CNG trucks, we’ll keep on innovating to reduce our environmental impact even further.”

Each vehicle will have the capacity to carry a peak season delivery load for the postie driving it.

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