Royal Mail union moves to ballot on strike action

Royal Mail’s posties’ trade union the Communications Workers Union (CWU) has moved to ballot its members over a national mail strike.

More than 115,000 postal workers will have the opportunity to vote on whether to walk out in the coming weeks after the CWU informed Royal Mail it will ballot staff. Ballot papers will be sent out on the 28th June and the result will be announced on the 19th July.

The news comes amidst the UK’s biggest rail strike in 30 years with railway travel halted in London and across the country over pay, jobs and conditions.

The CWU’s deputy general secretary Terry Pulling has accused Royal Mail’s management of imposing a 2% pay increase in a time of high inflation. “Their conduct, and particularly the imposition of such an aggressive pay offer, has eroded trust among loyal employees,” Pullinger said.

At the CWU annual conference in April the delegates voted that they will begin a national dispute with Royal Mail unless they received a no-strings pay increase.

The CWU’s general secretary, Dave Ward, said: “The state of affairs is unjust and unsustainable, and I have no doubt that our 115,000 members will stand strong against it and deliver a historic vote for action.”

As well as the CWU, Royal Mail’s managers’ union Unite is set to threaten industrial action in the coming weeks over cuts to staff levels even as many managers do unpaid overtime due to impossible workloads.