RTITB warns driver shortage could grow for lack of driver valuing

Road transport workplace training body the RTITB has warned that LGV drivers are not being acknowledged for the importance of their work and this could add to the driver shortage problems already facing the sector. It is putting the future of the profession and UK logistics sector at risk.

“In our work with the transport and logistics industry, we all too often hear from LGV drivers that they do not see their job as a professional vocation and that others do not see them as professionals either,” said managing director Laura Nelson.

“Many people are completely unaware of the lengths that LGV drivers must go to to become qualified – it is a ‘forgotten profession’ and rarely viewed as a career.”

“One important way that our industry can encourage new talent into the industry and retain the skills of highly trained existing LGV drivers, is through training,” says Laura. “Showing that you deliver training that benefits the employee, as well as the business, is key. We also encourage employers to pay for the training as this shows employees that they are valued and appreciated.”


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