Russia: DIXY installs parcel lockers around country

Russian retail chain DIXY has agreed to install OZON Box parcel lockers in their nationwide chain of stores in ‘the nearest future’.

According to a statement from DIXY late last week, the retail chain said that the first OZON Box terminals are to be installed in DIXY neighbourhood shops in and around Moscow, though the roll out will reach other regions of Russia in the near future.

DIXY said: “Until the year end, order pickup devices are planned to be installed at 120 DIXY stores in Moscow and its vicinity. Next year, DIXY stores in other presence regions are planned to host approximately 400 OZON Box terminals.”

DIXY has already installed parcel lockers from the TelePort parcel locker chain in some of its stores. TelePort recently announced they plan to install around 200 terminals at DIXY stores in the Moscow city, Moscow region and St Petersburg areas. TelePort is in direct competition with OZON.

DIXY Group Business Development Director Eugeny Malkov commented: “We sublease our premises to companies developing such popular services as – and supplementing our product offer with a set of relevant services – on a priority basis. It is important for us to provide DIXY customers with an opportunity not only to buy all they need at our stores, but to use an expanded service offer as well. Such approach boosts sales and facilitates growth of extra traffic in chain stores.”
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