Ryder moves into e-commerce fulfilment

US logistics giant Ryder has announced it is offering an e-commerce fulfilment solution.

Under the plans, Ryder is opening two purpose built, multi-client warehouses in California and Texas. It is also extending an existing warehouse in Pennsylvania. According to the company the expansion is to be completed by the end of May this year.

While other companies are moving into SME e-commerce fulfilment, Ryder is aiming at the high volume end of the spectrum. It also offers manufacturers a streamlined on-boarding; specially trained Ryder teams with human resources, call centre, and IT capabilities; warehouse order and management systems; and full reverse logistics capabilities, as well as a complete suite of value-added services such as private labelling, bagging, gift wrapping, hand-written notes, and engraving.

Ryder piloted the service with a globally recognised small appliance manufacturer. Steve Sensing, Ryder President of Global Supply Chain Solutions stated, “During the period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Ryder delivered a 268% increase over expected volume and achieved 99.9% on-time and in-full shipping accuracy.”


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